Weekly Creative Thursdays


Come and try out our Creative Thursday’s with a range of activities throughout the day including Painting, Print Making, Life Drawing theres something to suit all abilities and ages.


Why not try Art Hour with our resident Illustrator Bridget Collin. Art Hour started with variety of crafts skills ranging from origami earrings to Christmas tree decorations; it now focuses on drawing and painting skills. The classes are designed individually, ranging from ink drawing with sticks to acrylic cityscapes, however if attended in succession, the term is structured to hone on particular skill sets. In its successful third term, Art Hour has gained strength and momentum; with dedicated regulars, the progress people can make is incredible. The class is based purely on the people of Stretford and its surrounding areas; the subjects of the classes are established from feedback of previous terms, and the relaxed and intimate environment means people can chat freely. Essentially, it is an opportunity for people to come together in a comfortable setting, get some head space from busy life, and most importantly be creative. Tea, coffee and a chat are always provided!

‘The classes are progressive-we build up gradually week by week’
‘Very relaxed atmosphere where you can work at you own pace. Open to al abilities-welcoming and friendly’
‘Thursdays are now my favourite day’
‘such a relaxing friendly space to develop your artistic skills at your own pace. Bridget is so lovely and encouraging and I have improved so much. Ace!’
Textiles by hand is run by Sac 32 residents Hayley Hare, a bespoke couture wedding dress designer and Mixed media artist Karen Nolan. The drop in classes are open to everyone and offer a relaxed learning environment where people can come and enjoy try out new techniques in the company of others.
The classes involve regular demonstrations of new stitches for the users to try, alongside seasonal projects and any other work the users   are currently working on.
The class has forged strong links within the community and has regular members of the Stretford Women’s Institute that attend.
All equipment is provided by SAC32 alongside refreshments, music and good company.
“I enjoyed the company as much as the sewing”
“Lovely atmosphere and ideas”
“‘My second week and I’m really enjoying myself, it’s so relaxing”
“Fabulous, great atmosphere”


Resident artist Olivia Savage runs a monthly Printmaking workshop in which you can learn to design, prepare and realise your own prints and greetings cards. We learn ‘Relief’ Printmaking techniques which are applicable to lino, woodcut and block printing methods, and the classes are open to anyone and everyone from the complete beginner to the master printmaker. The hour and a half workshops are social and relaxed, allowing you to work at whatever pace you feel comfortable, with all materials provided.