Lisa Heanley

Portrait painter & Artist


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Although studying Illustration for her degree she also completed an MA in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts Canterbury in 2006. She then embarked on a career in teaching art at secondary and further education level. Since leaving the teaching profession in 2014 she has volunteered to bring back Stretford Public Hall to its rightful owners, the public.


Her passion behind the Friends of Stretford Public Hall project was to bring an element of art and culture in to the community. The development of the shared artists studio at the hall was designed to create a base for a Stretford arts collective, SAC. The collective will be open to any local creative wanting to bring an element of their skills to the hall and share with the community. Education still plays a large part in Lisa’s vision for the collective and hopes to see many exciting workshops, exhibitions and cultural events in the future.
As for her own art career she intends to develop her painting practice to competition level and take on commissions.

“I am very excited to be involved in the Stretford Arts Collective, although in its infancy, I can already visualise how many wonderful projects we can plot and plan. I will eventually get organised enough to create my own website for my portrait work, but for now I will continue working on commissions I find locally.” – Lisa Heanley.

To contact Lisa for commission work or you are interested in joining SAC please email her at