Ian Tattersall

  Art Therapist and Mixed Media Artist
After completing a Fine art degree at Leicester in 1988 Ian has worked in many fields including the print and advertising industry.
Ian found most aspects of this work to be soul destroying and after being made redundant in 2009 he decided to retrain as an art therapist. Around this time Ian began to develop his own art practice once again.
I am currently working in Manchester schools as part of Manchester’s Emotional trauma service. This involves one to one and group Psychotherapy using art as the primary form of communication. I am also involved in class creative well-being interventions.
Most of my work is ink, acrylic paint and charcoal at the moment. I am  interested in how feelings can embody themselves in a piece of art. In this way some of  the work is a bit like what ‘psychological tissue’ might look like. The themes emerge from unconsciously made, expressive charcoal drawings or mono types. Just whatever imagery falls out onto the page. These are then mixed up using kaleidoscope or mirror camera filters which creates a whole new world. I develop some of these experiments into finished pictures.

In this way the work is metamorphic and I like the accidental or unconscious element which often leads to some self discovery. I often discover archetypal images and symbols in the work which I develop further. Some of the images are kind of Mandalas but they don’t always end at the boundary of the circle. These pictures don’t always have a top or a bottom and I  have to decide which way to hang them.”Ian Tattersall.



Eduction: BA hons Fine Art, Leicester, 1988.
MA Art Psychotherapy Practice, 2009.
Exhibitions: Serendipitea, Chorlton arts festival, 2015.
The Railway inn West Didsbury, Didsbury arts festival, 2015.
Up coming Exhibition: The spoon inn Chorlton, Chorlton arts festival, May 2016.
For more information about Ian and his work you can contact him here:
Email. tattersallian@gmail.com
Web: Facebook