Julie Walsh



Artistic practice

From an early age my fascination with natural objects, discarded by nature, which land randomly on the ground. Collecting seeds, insects and other organic detritus and arranging them carefully and systematically into assorted groups, creating, what can be perceived as order out of chaos.

Deciding that the sculptural sets would be enclosed in receptacles, which I sculpted from various materials. These enclosures had peep holes, windows and zipped doors built into their construction.
 This enabled me to control which elements were to be exposed to the viewer. Through peeling back layers, to get to the ‘heart of the matter’ it is my intension to portray a feeling that there is more to my work than meets the eye. The viewer is invited to have an experience which arouses curiosity and a sense of intrigue, mystery and delight.

About the Artist

I have produced art for as long as I remember and it was this drive to create that resulted in my pursuing a career as a Maker/Teacher. I have been given opportunities to extend and consolidate my philosophy that pupil’s who are encouraged to engage in creative activities with curiosity, joy, freedom and without the fear of censure, can grow in confidence in their place in society and are capable of making a positive contribution to their community and environment.

My strengths are inspiring pupils to engage in the creative process through the introduction and sensory exploration of a rich variety of natural and man-made stimulus material; this develops their observational skills and leads to enhanced awareness of their self and their surroundings. It is always my intension to deliver dynamic teaching that inspires my pupils and stimulates them creatively throughout the curriculum. My teaching has been recorded by OFSTED as part of a documentary for schools depicting ‘best practice in art’.

As a practicing artist, I am able to identify with my pupils and the complexities and demands of the creative process whilst giving ideas a visual voice. Continuing with my professional and personal development through undertaking the MA Maker/Teacher qualification. This enabled me to formalise my concept of the role and function of an artist/teacher through reflection on my own practice and that of others. Central to the course was extending my understanding of pupil’s developmental and educational needs enabling me to help them to achieve their individual potential throughout their time in education.

I had opportunity to examine my work, the focus of which is creating art outcomes which express personal emotions and thoughts and are a way of making sense of life’s complexities. The work entitled ‘Self Biography’ made it possible for me to come to terms with both tragic and happy life experiences which I embodied in 3D sculptural objects.

Artwork by Julie K Holt Walsh & Photography by Trevor Palin